Uv Digital Printing Inks



UV Digital Printing Inks

Are you searching for UV digital printing inks? If so, Fortune Seven can meet your needs. As a leading advertising support company, we supply different types of inks including the UV digital printing inks. In UV printing, the UV lights are used to cure the ink as soon as it is printed on the surface. UV printing also comes under digital printing. In the UV printing, the traditional solvent-based inks are not used. The instant curing ensures that the dots of wet ink do not spread. As a result, the printing offers much attention in minute detail.

Features and benefits of UV digital printing inks

  • They are especially formulated to cure after being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light and not through oxidation.
  • UV inks dry quickly.
  • Sharper and vibrant images
  • Scratch and chemical resistant
  • Alcohol resistant
  • Very durable
  • There are no VOC emissions.
  • The UV inks are flexible, and it is possible to print them to curved lines and edge without cracking.
  • High glossy finishing due to clear coating
  • Clear coating for creating special effects and highlighting.

Contact Fortune Seven if you are looking for UV digital printing inks. Consult with our team and learn more about the usefulness of UV inks.