Hot And Cold Laminator



Hot and Cold Laminator

The most advanced hot and cold laminator

Are you searching for the most advanced hot and cold laminator? Fortune Seven offers the latest equipment’s in hot and cold laminator.

The features of hot and cold laminator:

  • Quick warm-up time (indicator to show status on some models)
  • Impressive laminating speed
  • Designed for moderate use in offices
  • Handy release switch to release jams
  • Lightweight laminator
  • Compact size
  • The laminator can be used in schools and offices
  • High standard

 Some noteworthy advantages of using hot and cold laminator

  • Extensive maintenance is not required
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • The problem of unpleasant bubbles is not present
  • The color and quality of laminated documents is superior

Our laminators are designed to meet the lamination requirements and deliver high quality results. The system is electronically controlled. Feel free to contact the team of Fortune Seven to learn more about the features of hot and cold laminators. We supply super-convenient and high-standard laminators at the best price. Call us and learn more about the features of the hot and cold laminator such as product dimensions, laminating speed, thickness, etc. We supply laminators at an unbeatable price range.