Fortune YF-1700S Eco-solvent Printer

  • 6m(5.2  feet) printing width
  • Max 1440dpi resolution
  • Single Epson DX7 print head installed (EPS DX5 and EPS XP600 optional)
  • Auto-height measurement system
  • Auto clean & Auto capping system




Fortune YF-1700S is Epson DX7 (DX5 print head is optional) eco-solvent series printer. With 1.6m printing width, high-resolution printing for outdoor and indoor large format printing. The printing quality is competitive to the Japanese Eco Solvent Printer brands like, Roland Eco Solvent Printer, Mimaki Eco Solvent Printer and Mutoh Eco Solvent Printer. 1440dpi overturns the highest resolution of traditional solvent printers, which leads the resolution of large format printer to a new standard. Your new profit pattern will be established and new business opportunity will be discovered.


  1. The Epson DX7 print head was issued in 2009, its printing speed can reach 24 ㎡/H under the printing width 3.2 meters. Most importantly, it was designed for big scale production, the lifetime reach 3-4 years, which will decrease a lot post-maintenance cost for customers.
  2. This Eco Solvent Printer adopts Aluminum-Alloy girder, which is the most strongest and smoothest than other metal materials, which ensure high precision printing quality.
  3. As a top quality Eco Solvent Printer, which adopts imported THK width linear guide rails with double-slider and sound off function, more durable and reliable for high precision printing.
  4. We provide automatic feed in and take up system for this Eco Solvent Printer, especially adopts all-aluminum dual power take up system to carry and collect the whole weight of media more stably and easily.
  5. . This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with intelligent media sensor that always tests media before media is going to running o
  6.  Automatic capping system is easy operation and maintenance for our Eco Solvent Printer.
  7. Bulk  ink supply system is standard option for this Eco Solvent Printer, which is setting on the top of printer, easy to monitor ink level and easy ink refill.
  8. This Eco Solvent Printer equipped with intelligent media sensor that always tests media before media is going to running o
  9.  This Eco Solvent Printer adopts metal optical cable, which connects from mainboard to carriage board to make sure fast and stable data transit.
  10.  This Eco Solvent Printer adopts new variable size droplet technology, six or more variable droplet printing size provide the highest printing resolution up to 1440 dpi 11. Adjustable head height (≤20mm)