Cutting Plotter



Cutting Plotters

The cutting plotters offered by Fortune Seven are modern and designed to handle the media rolls from the minimum width of 50 mm to the highest cutting width up to about 1470mm. Our computer-controlled plotting device works very precisely but at impressive speed. The speed and precision do not affect the quality of the work. The blades in the cutting plotters function precisely and cut the outline of the design. The users appreciate the exceptional accuracy.

Technical specifications of the cutting plotters:

  • Operational method – Roller type (depends on model)
  • Cutting pressure – 5 to 600 grams (depends on model)
  • Number of pinch roller – 3 to 6 (depends on model)
  • Drive – DC servo motor technology (depends on model)
  • Impressive speed
  • User-friendly
  • LED control panel (depends on model)

Fortune Seven deals in the latest and most advanced Cutting plotters that can cut a wide range of material without distortion or deformation. The blade moves and turns precisely in the direction of X and Y while moving under the knife. A robust stand ensures smooth operation. The DC servo motor technology is superior, and its controlled movement produces precise and smooth cutting results for both big and small types of graphics. The cutting plotters operate quietly but function at high speed.

Feel free to contact Fortune Seven and purchase the latest cutting plotters at the best price.