Co2 Laser Tube



CO2 Laser Tube

Fortune7 is a prominent trader of sophisticated  CO2 laser tubes. You can find the latest products at the very best price. Call us for the price options and models available.

Description of the product

  • Length – Approximately 1240 mm
  • Power – 90 to 100 watts
  • Diameter – Approximately 80mm
  • Long lifespan of more than 10000 hours for uninterrupted operations
  • Energy efficient
  • Stable laser power
  • High quality beam
  • Guaranteed reliability and stability during the firing process

 The performance and the applications

Conventionally glass laser tube is used in laser cutting machines, laser marking machines as well as laser engraving machines. In new generation laser machines, the CO2 laser tube is an instrumental component that can engrave as well as cut leather, wood, cloth, acrylic and other materials. The CO2 laser tube is used for laser engraving, laser cutting, laser marking in industries such as advertising, craftwork processing, packaging, leather products, decorative building material, etc.

To learn more about the physical characteristics and usefulness of the CO2 laser tube, contact the team of the Fortune Seven. We are the leading supplier of the high-performance CO2 laser tube that can efficiently meet your industrial needs. Use laser tubes to ensure minimal downtime. All the products are extensively examined by our quality inspection team. Safe packaging ensures that the product is not damaged during transit.